After school care


PLG Schools wishes to provide each learner with the opportunity to develop his/her full potential.  This is the ideal opportunity for your child to achieve this goal under the watchful and caring eyes of dedicated and professional aftercare teachers and personnel.  The centre is therefore an extension of our school and is managed according to specific educational structures and falls under the hospices of the School’s value systems and educational principals.  We strive to provide an effective and positive service to both the school and parents alike.  This is a partnership with the common goal of developing each child mentally, emotionally and socially within a loving and safe environment.

In order to achieve these objectives it is imperative that the Centre is managed effectively.  Consequently it is an absolute requirement that a parent completes an application form, which then serves as a contract between the parent and the Aftercare Centre.



  1. The after school centre will be open directly after school and will stay open until 17:30
  2. The Centre will be closed on weekends, public holidays and during the school holidays, as well as on PLG Schools long weekends.


  1. A fee is required per month payable over a period of 11 months from January to November.  This package includes full care Monday to Friday from straight after school – 17:30 daily. The fees also includes a healthy lunch for the children. Please contact the school for fees.


  1. If a permanently enrolled learner cannot attend the Aftercare Centre, the coordinator is to be notified either in writing or telephonically.
  2. For security purposes no learner will be permitted to leave the premises unless prior arrangements have been made.
  3. The register will be completed during lunch times daily.
  4. Serious transgressions will be brought to the attention of the school Principal after which the parent will be contacted.
  5. The Aftercare Centre coordinator, after consultation with the involved parents, is entitled to refuse any learner who does not uphold the code of conduct of PLG Schools.


Parents are kindly requested to encourage learners to wear  comfortable clothing. Clothing must be kept in a separate bag, not in the schoolbag as school books can be damaged. Learners are given ample time to change their clothes. The Aftercare Centre wishes to create an informal, homely atmosphere. If the wrong clothing ends up in your child’s schoolbag, please return it to the Aftercare Centre.


  1. A menu is available on request.
  2. If a learner has any allergies or health conditions, special arrangements must be made with the Aftercare Centre.


  1. No learner is permitted to wait for his/her parents at the gate without supervision.
  2. In the event where a stranger has to pick up a child, the involved parent must inform the Centre either in writing or telephonically.
  3. Learners are to be signed out by their parents daily – it is imperative that all parents adhere at this arrangement at all times.
  4. Please note: In the event of being late – a fine of R65-00 is imposed for the first 10 minutes after 17:30 and a further R25-00 for each consecutive five minutes per child,  after that.  Please contact us in advance if you are running late by making use of the cell phone numbers which are provided.


  1. Should parents experience financial difficulties in paying the Aftercare Centre fees – the matter must be brought to the attention of the principal of the school.
  2. The amount due will be debited to your account at the end of each month. This amount is payable either together with school fees at the school office or per debit order.
  3. A month’s notice must be given in advance should you wish to end his/her attendance at the After Care Centre.
  4. Monthly payments must occur not later than the first of each month.Your cooperation in this regard will be appreciated.


  1. There is a compulsory study session at each school between 14:30 and 16:00. Learners attend their particular extra-mural activities and then report for the homework sessions. Parents are requested to check their children’s homework diaries to ensure that all work is done.  The Aftercare personnel will attach a note when necessary. They will also initial the diaries each afternoon.
  2. When a lot of homework is given the session can obviously not be extended to accommodate this additional load. If learners participate in extra mural activities they are responsible for reporting to the Aftercare Centre so that homework can be done.
  3. If a member of the Aftercare personnel did not initial the diary it is safe to assume that the homework is not done. Parents are, however, encouraged to be involved in their children’s homework assignments at all times.
  4. Each learner must possess his/her own pencil, eraser, other required stationery and a scribbler.  No stationery will be provided.

 No member of the Aftercare Centre staff can be held responsible for any injuries or loss  of property during after care hours.


  1. Learners make use of the facilities of the school.  Learners must be educated to keep these facilities tidy at all times.


  1. The provided phone numbers must be kept at hand so that we can be reached easily when necessary.
  2. All queries and concerns must be addressed to the school’s office.

Download After School Care Registration Form