Enrolment Documents

Download the enrolment documents below, complete the documents and send it to the academy or college (submission details are on the form) The school will be in contact with you regarding the admission process.

Springs Academy in Springs | Tel 010 443 0817
Willow View Academy in Kempton Park | Tel 011 565 6600

2022 School Fees (monthly x 12 debit orders)

SpringsWillow View
Half-day   R1922.00
Full-Day R1155.00 R2505.00
Half-day   R1922.00
Full-Day R1155.00 R2505.00
Half-day   R1922.00
Full-Day R1313.00 R2505.00
Grade 1 R2070.00 R2700.00
Grade 2 R2264.00 R2700.00
Grade 3 R2264.00 R2700.00
Grade 4 R2600.00 R3707.00
Grade 5 R2600.00 R3707.00
Grade 6 R2600.00 R3707.00
Grade 7 R2600.00 R2707.00
Grade 8 R2700.00 R4768.00
Grade 9 R2700.00 R4768.00
Grade 10 R2725.00 R4768.00
Grade 11 R2725.00 R5345.00
Grade 12 R2725.00 R5345.00
Application Fee R240.00 R240.00
R1200.00 R2500.00
Primary & High
R1600.00 R3750.00
Aftercare R773.00 R851.00

School Fee Discount Structure

Pay your child school fees for the year before

December and get 6% discount on the year’s school fees
January and get 4% discount on the year’s school fees
February and get 3% discount on the year’s school fees

Have more than one child enrolled at PLG schools?

2 children enrolled – get 5% discount on your 2nd child’s school fees
3 children enrolled – get 10% discount on your 3rd child’s school fees
4 children enrolled – get 15% discount on your 4th child’s school fees

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