Ex Junior Springbok coach launches basketball at PLG Hartbeespoort Academy

Ex Junior Springbok coach launches basketball at PLG Hartbeespoort Academy

PLG Hartbeespoort Academy Christened their new basketball court this week, with enthusiastic boys and girls shooting hoops until the sun set, under the guidance of ex Junior Springbok coach (and PLG Head of School) Rob Wyatt-Minter.

Rob's passion for basketball – and his years of experience coaching both boys and girls in KZN – made him determined to introduce the sport at his new school before the end of his first year.

The basketball poles and hoops were manufactured in Ballito KZN and delivered to the school on Wednesday morning. By lunchtime, the structures had been assembled by excited staff and the first practice for girls took place at 4pm on the same day. A boys' practice followed and keen players shot baskets until after dark.

Rob's basketball career spans his high school years, where he was a first team player, to his time at UKZN, playing for the Natal men's team, and recently, as a KZN Master's player in national tournaments.

He coached both high school and Provincial players (both boys and girls), took the Junior Springboks to London on tour as their coach, and has had many successes in high school and Inter-Provincial basketball tournaments.

89-hour non-stop Guinness World Record

A highlight of his coaching career was in 2009, when Rob coached and played in the Treverton College team who broke the Guinness World Record for 82 hours of non-stop basketball.

Rob's love of the game, passion for coaching children to attain levels of excellence, and years of experience at both regional and national level, will prove to be an asset to the sport at PLG Hartbeespoort Academy, where pupils have already shown their enthusiasm and potential at their first practice.