PLG Hartbeespoort Academy is now famous!!

The team at PLG Hartbeespoort Academy were approached by Grounded Media, a production company which is working on a TV show called Bonisanani on SABC 1; which is featured every Sunday at 6h30bam. It is a kid’s faith, culture and religion show. They needed to film short 5 minute dramas and wanted to know if we would be interested in working with them. We jumped at the opportunity and our drama students - Ontha, Ole, Neo, Lebo, Palesa and Adam performed in these episodes.
The school was used as the filming location i.e. the arts and culture classroom, Mr Jansen's house, the boarders kitchen, reception and of course our wonderful fields. A total of 5 episodes will be shot here. The school will be listed in the credits and the school uniform was used in the classroom scenes. PLG Hartbeespoort Academy is now famous!