PLG Schools Magazines

Exciting news!

We are proud to announce that the first editions of our school magazines are available for download.

We want to thank everyone who worked together and contributed towards their production.  It was a monumental task arranging and compiling the photographs, information, school and artwork required for each publication.  We are grateful for how well everyone pulled together to produce this first edition!

We hope our families enjoy the magazines.  The magazines are produced for our students and their families as a remembrance of happy school days, friends, sporting achievements, excellent artwork, remarkable academic achievements, ordinary days and everything that makes a school a happy family venue.  Since all families treasure their large photo albums, we’ve focused on providing as many photographs of happy times at school as possible.

We are grateful for the parent feedback that convinced us to embrace modern technology and allow in the abundance of advantages associated with a digital magazine. The blessing of a digital format is that it has allowed us to create magazines with as many pages as we’d like, to scale up as the school grows without having to increasing the budget, it allows as many families members as would like to access the magazine from anywhere in the country and it allows families from other PLG Schools a view of the unique activities and character of your own PLG School.

To download the magazine for your school, please click the links below.

Due to a large volume of pages and images, the files may take a while to download. Please be patient when opening the magazines.