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Clothes to Good programme

PLG Schools and ‘Clothes to Cash Exchange’ (C2CX) have teamed up to create the “Clothes to Good” programme.  C2CX buys second-hand clothing from schools, which C2CX then sells to informal traders at a very small profit margin.  The traders in turn, sell these clothes in their communities. We value educating and empowering people to create sustainable business opportunities, and not rely on charity.

Help us build our children’s character, educate our children about sustainability, and develop a sense of community spirit.


  • Our school is asking you to donate clothes, which are still in good condition.
  • C2CX will pay the school R5/kg for these used clothes.
  • [The respective PLG School will then use this money for their own individual social responsibility projects.
  • C2CX will pay the school for the clothes (R5/kg), a further R2/kg goes to Life Link 24/7 Cares, an NPO that C2CX proudly supports.
  • The clothes go on to be sold in less fortunate communities, creating micro businesses.


  • Kids: Ask permission! Parents: Go to Step 2!
  • Dig through your cupboard. Be ruthless: if you haven’t worn it in the past year, you probably aren’t going to wear it this year. (You’ll feel lighter instantly!)
  • Fill as many bags as you can.
  • Complete the permission form, put it in the bag. Each bag needs a separate permission form.
  • The bag MUST be sent to school with the completed permission form as this is required by the South African Police Services to guard against the movement of stolen goods.  Bags without forms will not be accepted!
  • The clothes will be collected at school.
  • The respective PLG School will keep everyone posted on how many kg’s were collected, how much money was earned at the school (and what they are going to do with it), and how much money C2CX have donated to Life Link 27/4 Cares on our behalf.


  • To learn more about the C2CX programme, visit:
  • We ask that parents ensure the clothes are clean when placed into the bags, as in the spirit of this project, the bags will also be re-used!
  • IMPORTANT: This excludes damaged clothes, undergarments, hats and shoes. We are providing micro business owners with stock they will be able to re-sell!

Let’s admit it, we all have cupboards overflowing with clothing we haven’t worn (or fitted in to) for ages. Let’s use this as an opportunity to spring clean our closets, and engage our children in a social awareness project. The value is not only in teaching our children to give, but explaining the entire process to them – how their donations will create businesses that will support people, long after the initial donation. We look forward to teaching our children to use creative solutions to address social challenges, thereby helping to make our country a better place!

Please contact your nearest school for the Permission to donate form or for more information