PLG Schools

PLG Schools is an affordable, quality, independent education group with the vision of making independent learning more accessible to communities across the country. PLG Schools aim to bridge the financial gap between government school fees and the elite Independent School fees, bringing the benefits of independent school learning to many more young minds. PLG Schools offer a co-ed learning environment with a maximum of 25 learners per class,  from Pre-Primary to Matric, with English as the primary language of instruction.


We strive to offer a quality, affordable private education to all South African children built on a solid Christian Foundation.


Our mission is to create a safe, nurturing school environment where young people can cultivate an enquiring mind and become creative thinkers, have a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and grow the integrity to act on beliefs. We focus on the complete development of the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, creative and physical dimensions of each child that will equip them to reap the rewards of a happy and meaningful life.

We look forward to welcoming your child to becoming part of the PLG family, and as we grow and develop together, make a significant difference in our communities.



We focus on the needs of every individual child to help them thrive and reach their potential. Classes are kept small, with a maximum of 25 learners per class, receiving personal attention.


The South African Schools Curriculum is followed with emphasis on building a foundation of academic excellence. This is achieved by ensuring that every child is fully engaged at every level of education from pre-primary school to matric.


In our innovative and entrepreneurial age, creative thinking is key to reaching personal and professional goals in life, which is why PLG Schools encourages creative expression and problem-solving from a young age.


Discipline creates greater self- and social awareness which allows children to become well-adjusted individuals later in life. We hold to a culture of positive, constructive discipline that reinforces reasonable boundaries and social norms.


Our ethos is embedded in a faith-centered approach that relies on:

Respect &
Love for others


Technology is a vital component of education in the 21st century and there is a strong focus on computer literacy and utilising technology to aid the education programme.