Testimonials for PLG Schools:

We are so blessed at PLG Schools to have staff, parents and students who team together well to ensure the success of all our students.  
It has been heartwarming and motivating to receive and read such lovely expressions of gratitude and positive feedback from our parents.  
Thank You!

I thought for a change to express my words of appreciation for one of your teachers who according to my son Modiri in grade 7, she appears to be doing a great job and has hit the right cord with him.  There is renewed confidence and passion for maths in Modiri because he says Ms. Trimmel genuinely cares and takes time to explain step by tep, the various math sums to him AND for everyone in his class. 2. Modiri says Ms Trimmel explains to him and his classmates, it a way he appreciates and understands way better than any math teacher who has taught him previously.  3.  Kindly convey our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Ms Trimmel. Please urge her to continue with the great work she is doing and to care more for kids who have a genuine fear for maths from a poor foundation phase they may have had previously.  

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK Ms TRIMMEL.   As Modiri's parents, we will also support him and Ms Trimmel where necessary, to get him up to speed with maths, as much we can.    (PLG Norhtriding Academy)

 In the year that my eldest son has been at the school, with the wonderful patience, encouragement and guidance from the principal and his teacher, we his family have seen a huge and positive change.  The child he is today is not the same child he was when he started.
This has been seen by not only us his immediate family, but also his extended family and friends.

We received his report shortly after starting the second term, and we cannot be more proud of the hard work he is doing and what he is accomplishing.
This all thanks to Mrs. Labuschagne who has the patience of an angel with him.  I would also like to say a very big thank to Mrs. Savage for all her support and guidance with Brayden.  So in conclusion, from being apprehensive at starting at a new institution, we are happy and at peace with the choice.  The improvements in both my boys not only in school work but social as well, is accredited to how PLG Allens View Academy treats all the students not as scholars only but as family.
Thank you once again to Mrs. Savage and her wonderful Teaching Staff for the amazing work you do with our children.  (PLG Allens View Academy)

"So school is out and my sons got amazing reports.  We couldn't have done it without the help and guidance from the amazing teachers and staff at PLG Allens View.  Definitively the best school! Also, thanks to Denzil from Kids-on-the-Go for making sure the boys get home safe and on time and to Thuli for making sure the boys are taken care of in the afternoons."  (PLG Allens View Academy)

"I just want to take a moment to say thank you for taking the time to hand out certificate at assembly for the great achievement in the 1st term examinations. My child was very excited and happy to receive recognition and this has most certainly given her a drive to do excel this term as well.
Also thank you and the staff for putting in the hard work and effort to ensure the kids do well."
(PLG Carlswald)

"Awesome school. I highly recommend"  (PLG Raslouw Academy)

"During the course of our daughters’ school career my wife and I have had the dubious honour of having to endure numerous school “sports days”.  Suffice to say that each and every one of these events has been an absolute nightmare. At one point I even offered to pay a friend to attend in our place.  Upon deciding to join the PLG family of schools we hoped that things would be different.  We trusted that things would be better.  Well…  On the 24th February PLG Carlswald held its Athletics day and once again my wife and I dragged ourselves to the event. Another wasted day when we could have been at work.  What a surprise!  ALL the teachers and staff had the place organised. Everything was planned and managed.  The children were controlled and all the sporting events were fantastic.  The food and entertainment were awesome. The teachers were incredible.  I intended to make an excuse and go to work at 10am… I stayed for the whole day!  As an added benefit, my wife screamed and shouted so much that she lost her voice.  And that says it all.  You have an incredible team at PLG Carlswald. They are amazing people and they made all the difference.   I am so proud to be a PLG PARENT.  Thanks to PLG Carlswald for hosting a truly fantastic day."  (PLG Calswald Acacemy)

" Good morning Melanie. I am Avuyile’s dad. It sounds like you are going to have great fun at school with the kids today. We wish you all the best and we are most grateful to you and the entire school community for creating such exciting moments for those angels. I write when time allows. When I saw the theme of your programme today , it
resonated so much with my latest publication, Reflections. I am also a great believer of expressing gratitude to people, whilst they are still alive. And for saying that to them directly so that they know they or their actions are appreciated. My book embraces that and encourages people to do so. So what you are doing today at school is actually an act of instilling that important value to those angels at that tender age; how noble !!!.  So, if it is fine with you and the Principal I would like to donate a copy of my book to your school, I have a feeling that it will resonate well with what you are doing today, and I suppose on an ongoing basis as well. Once more thank you for what you are doing for our children. God bless you.  Fezile Dantile gave a signed copy of his book, Reflections to the team at PLG Allens View Academy in appreciation of their hard work and dedication to the education of students.  Fezile even high-lighted some important pages to the team to have a look at.  (PLG Allens View Academy)

"Good morning.  I just want to take this opportunity and send a word of gratitude to you.  Thank you for assisting Leka, I see there is a great improvement in his school work this quarter.    ~    Thanks for everything. Mam Nagi has done well and it is all because of you.    ~    Mrs. Coulter,  I am so happy and thank you for helping my son.  Lekamoso is happy too.    ~    One of my beautiful children graduated to senior phase.  Thank you to Kathy and Quinton for trusting me with your wonderful little boy, I am looking forward to teaching him next year.    ~    Thank you Cathy, you have really done a great job.    ~    I'm glad I'm part of this happy family and next year will be an exciting year."   (PLG Springs Academy - Comments from various parents)

"It was beautiful, all thanks to the staff, you are doing a wonderful job here" (PLG Springs Academy)

"Thank you so much for a wonderful mother’s day tea.  We really enjoyed it.  Hope you have a great day. Thank you so much for all that you do for my son.   I really means a lot to my husband and I"  (PLG Springs Academy)

"It was awesome. So much love shared." (PLG Mellow Oaks Academy)

"To all the teachers and students at PLG, Thank you so much for the lovely mothers day gift! We are so blessed to be part of the PLG family… A warm and blessed mothers day to all of the moms and even staff members that are not moms at PLG…. You are like a mom to so many of our kids and we appreciate you!" (PLG Allens Nek Academy)

"I appreciate the extraordinary effort you put into my child’s education (at PLG Springs Academy).  It does not go unnoticed.    I am extremely humbled by this.   Thank You."

"From our side we sincerely thank you and PLG Schools for making such a huge difference in his life and school experience...he passed and came home saying that PLG is the “best school ever”... he is motivated to do even better next term.  He took his school bag with him down to KZN with my husband for the week. 
...he passed and came home saying that PLG is the “best school ever”.  High school has gone from being awful to being enjoyed and he is motivated to do even better next term.  He took his school bag with him down to KZN with my husband for the week.
 We are also looking forward to his next report and we agree that he is going in the right direction.
Keep up the awesome initiatives PLG. Michael is loving school"

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Willow View for the past 2 ¼ years, my kids have thoroughly enjoyed the school and all the teachers – it has been an awesome experience for them and myself as their mom – Willow View Rocks.   To the teachers, you have left a lasting impression on my kids and they will carry many happy memories with them for years to come."

"Best decision daughter loves her school and the quality of education. I'm sure that my daughter is not being prepared to be just an employee , she is being prepared to lead and be her own boss. #great school"

"I just wanted to share with you how happy my kids have been at the school. They love their teachers and their friends at school. The kids are so nice and I have been pleased with how much work has been covered. I have asked them many times since enrolling them in school last year if they would prefer to continue or to be home-schooled again. They always say with such passion "we want to go to school!!!!"
My son also shared with his father "dad, did you know that our principal reads the Bible every day!!" He has also been singing "our god is an awesome god" which he learned at school. It makes me really happy to have the Christian influence in their lives.
Just wanted to say thanks and let you know my appreciation.

"Very good and impressive...I would recommend it to anyone who wants high quality education for their kids...can't wait to see my son being part of PLG Hartbeespoort Academy school"

"Very good school for my kids.Good quality education,morals,Christ centred and best relationships with teachers,parents and leaners. FAMILY SCHOOL!"

"Springs PLG School is coming along nicely and the children are all so happy"

“The response for Grade 1 is promising for a successful future”

"Well done to the Principal and staff. You have all worked hard at making a success of Mellow Oaks in its first year."

"So Fresh!! Well Done PLG! South Africa needs this!"

"We went to view the school and had open day with them. My son absolutely love it there. Looking forward to starting there next year."

"I have a happy boy. He's hardworking and dedicated. He strives for the best and always wants to please mom. Thank you Teacher Price for Grade 1 @ 2016, look forward to 2017. We ready to take this year on. Thank you Mr Duffield and your dedicated team. All the best for 2017."

"Homely and conducive to learning!!My grandson in love with the school already! He is looking forward to the sports that he will be playing! He is in grade8 - only 3days old in the school! But already he feels @ home"

"My daughter has been attending Mellow Oaks since the beginning of the year. I have the happiest little girl who is so full of joy and so excited to go to school every day thanks to PLG. Each day she comes home and tell me what she learnt as well as many activities they partake in. I absolutely love Mellow Oaks, the staff are friendly, very efficient and extremely helpful and most importantly the kids love them. I would recommend the school to everyone it was the best decision I ever made."

"One of the kindest and warmest teachers I ever came across , she taught my little girl everything she knows"

"Thank you so much for the great work that you are doing for our kids. Since my child came to willow view academy he has improved a lot. I really appreciate your effort and I am so proud of you!"

"I am indeed glad to have an efficient Principal as you as the guiding star of my son's school. 
We parents may be accountants, scientists, doctors and engineers – but nothing contributes to the nation’s development more than the sacrifices made by educators.
The school may have found a good Principal  in you, but my son found a hero in you.
You can see the body language of my son that things have changed  for the better and is now always freely engaging us on issues pertaining to his school activities."

"Our beautiful children #greatjobPLGteachers"